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Welcome to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian!

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St. Andrew’s is a classical gothic church in downtown Penticton, known as he Church of the Red Door.
Join us on Sundays at 10am for traditional worship. Listen to our Choir sing, enjoy our beautiful stained glass unique windows that add a warm atmosphere to the sanctuary and meet some really friendly, interesting people.
St. Andrew’s is a worshiping community that loves God, and the world, in every way we can––

Beautiful Poetry

Kenny Mackenzie has kindly agreed to allow us to share some of the beautiful, heartfelt poetry written by his late mother, Bonnie MacKenzie Kennedy.

When I raise my eyes
To the bright blue skies
A vision I think I see,
A smiling face
Full of grace
With hands outstretched to me.
When things look bad
And I am sad
I know he’s always there,
I need not be
On bended knee
With trouble I wish to share.
I talk to Him
As I would to you
But with faith and hope and trust,
Knowing full well
That the things I tell
Will receive His gentle touch.
Bonnie MacKenzie Kennedy
A feeling of peace came over me
As I stood on top of the hill,
There, as far as the eye could see
Lay such beauty, my heart stood still.
Only the sounds of nature were there
As I listened in sheer delight,
Birds sweet song filled the air
As they flew in the bright sunlight.
The myriad trees I could see below
As they reached up into the blue,
Were gracefully weaving to and fro
As the breeze gently rustled through.
 Bonnie  MacKenzie  Kennedy
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Lobster Dinner

Enjoy a lobster dinner presented by the St Andrew’s Fellowship committee.

No messy shell cracking to deal with. 4/5 oz of Nova Scotia lobster meat with butter and all the fixings for only $25/pp.
You won’t get a better deal than this. This event usually sells out fast so email knockknock@godshouse.ca to reserve your seats.

Bring some friends and enjoy another fun evening at St. Andrew’s.