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Welcome to St. Andrew’s Church: where faith meets life!

We are a community that believes in God the Creator; in Jesus Christ our Redeemer; in the Holy Spirit our Guide.
We worship, we pray, we study, we reach out, we connect, we encourage, we share, we commit!

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian is a classical style church in downtown Penticton, known as he Church of the Red Door.
Join us on Sundays at 10am for traditional worship. Listen to our Choir sing, enjoy our beautiful, unique stained glass windows that add a warm atmosphere to the sanctuary and meet some really friendly, interesting people. Oh yes, and listen to an interesting and insightful message from our wonderful Minister the Rev. Colin Cross. Check out the Food For the Soul page for texts of previous sermons.
St. Andrew’s is a worshiping community that loves God, and the world in every way we can––

Loneliness has a negative impact on people’s health that is the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes per day. Research has shown that regular attendance to church significantly reduces stress and lengthens average life years span compared to people who are not involved in a faith community .
We invite you to become involved in a community where your specific talents and abilities would be valued and highly appreciated.


Email us to book our beautiful sanctuary for your very special wedding. OR to reserve our fellowship hall for your meetings or events.