Sunday School

Sunday School will be starting on Sept 11 and we will be starting a unit on animals. The younger kids will be making an animal picture dictionary book with related verses from the Bible.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone.
Bob & Nadia
Projects planned for this Fall.
Animal Metaphors in the Bible: “They will be lifted up like on wings like the Eagle”
Eagles are lifted up by the air. The air is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. It is the wind of the Holy Spirit that lifts us and renews us so that we do not become weary.


Father’s Day Presentation of artwork created by our talented Sunday School children and their leaders Bob & Nadia.

A flaming christian heart beats strongly in all of us.


The Sunday School children all worked together to create a wonderful happy Easter presentation. The gathering of the birds to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. The colorful birds are happily singing and celebrating the forgiveness of our Lord Jesus.

Birds Easter Sunday1


Birds Easter Sunday3

May someone hold you close tonight
And may you never wake alone.
May you have food to eat,
And may you never wake hungry.
May you sleep in a safe and quiet place,
And may you never wake to the sound of fighting.
May you have someone to love and protect you,
And may you never wake in fear.
May you have a shelter over your head,
And may you never wake in the cold.
May you always know
That you are one of God’s beloved,
And may you never wake alone.

Alyson Huntly

Children are important at St. Andrew’s. We take Christian education seriously.

The training up of children who, for fear of punishment, know what to say, and when to say it? Not on your life. We have a talented group of teachers and curriculum designers:––including the Minister, whose work has been published by Seasons of the Spirit . Our goal? To expose children to the richness of God’s Word, and work, and world––and to encourage them to reflect on its significance for themselves.