The Church of the Red Door


We are the Church of the Red Door

Church doors have been painted red since the Middle Ages, when going “behind the red door” meant both sanctuary from prosecution and a coming under the blood of Christ. For us at St. Andrew’s, our door is a bold new symbol of the congregation. While we have always been deeply rooted in the best that tradition has to offer, we are unafraid to undertake daring new ministry for the 21st century, in Jesus’ Name.

Have you ever wondered how God is at work in the world? In fact, who is God, and who Jesus, the Son of God? Who are God’s people, and what is the church? Is hope real, and love possible??

Then you belong with us. These are big questions with even bigger answers.  In fact they are only the beginning of a lifelong walk with God––the God who made us, who loves us, and who redeems us in Christ. In fact, the closer one gets to understanding God, the more mysterious and beautiful the world actually becomes—both this world, and the world to come.

St. Andrew’s is a worshiping community that loves God, and the world, in every way we can––and not only this, a community which is “making real what we already believe” (John Fisher) by the manifest grace of God.  Worship is our lodestar, and outreach, our mandate.