Ladies’ Guild

The Ladies’ Guild at St. Andrew’s is a friendly, hardworking group of ladies who are committed to serving the Lord by organizing outreach, fundraising and catering.
The Ladies’ Guild President for 2019 is Carol Skilton.

Please contact Carol for more information.

St. Andrew’s Ladies’ Guild Annual Report for 2018

Each year we meet for 7 monthly meetings and 2 social luncheons. We also put on 5 fund raising events.
The attendance at the seven regular meetings in Jan, Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct and Nov ranged from 8 – 15 ladies. Although our numbers are not large, we still continued to successfully present:
The AGM luncheon in February, The Daffodil Tea in April, The Pancake Brunch in May, The Fall Faire Tea in September and The Holly Tea in December.
We also catered the funeral luncheon for the John MacCammon family in March.

Along with lots of hard work, fun, fellowship and friendship, we also started a new project to help those in need outside our church family. We chose the South Okanagan Women in Need Society (SOWINS) where abused women and their children are sheltered and cared for until they can manage on their own again. We appreciate all of the items you have donated for this project, especially the hand knitted items, and we will continue to collect and deliver similar items this year. The shelter is very grateful for our contributions.

Our executive for 2019 will be:
President – Carol Skilton, Vice-President – Iza MacDonald, Secretary – Brenda McDowell, Treasurer – Marian Blanchard, Convener – Elizabeth Birkinshaw, Sunshine (care for needs of our congregation) – Iza MacDonald, Advertising – Carroll Moreland (needs helpers to deliver Tea posters), Phoning – Inez Pringle.
Thank you to Carol Ann Parrott, our outgoing Treasurer, for her many years of dedicated service to the Guild.

We were delighted to welcome a few new members and look forward to seeing even more growth in numbers.

A big thank you to all the ladies of the congregation, who baked, donated and worked hard to help with all our events.