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Important Meeting Announcement – St. Andrew’s

As you know, a committee was struck, following the last AGM, to explore ways of building a firmer financial base for the congregation going forward, using potential real estate options. This committee has been meeting, research has been undertaken, and some possibilities seem reasonable. However, before going any further with its work, it is important that the congregation have an opportunity to confirm its vision for the near and not-so-near future for St. Andrew’s. Therefore there will be a strategic Visioning Workshop on Saturday, November 18th in the church. It will start at 9:00am and should conclude by noon…
This workshop will be lead by Dr.Glenn Sinclair whose professional career often required him to conduct such participative events; as well, he has led similar workshops for various congregations and Presbyteries over the years. The process is enjoyable, not complicated and everyone gets to have their thoughts heard/seen. And refreshments available from 8:45 on!!!
If you feel you would benefit from more background on the process you may call Glenn at 250.809.9220